Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its near the end........

It is near the end of this year, 2008. The time passed by and life is getting older as what my wife said repeatedly.

But for me, age is just the number of how many years you spend on earth ! Without noticing it was taken half of my golden age, where some people say that, 40's is the 'Golden age of a man.

On the first quarter, we seldomly remember what was going on? Only rare incident that is still glittering on my view.

On 1969 (I just knew the year when I grew up), I did not know what was happening, but one day everyone including my late father, uncles and some relatives bringing 'golok' at their waist and holding a spear made from bamboo, all over the places.

The day was 13th May.

On the second quarter, I spent all the time in a boarding school and college, away from my kampung life. Made me less known by the villager.

The third quarter, I move away from my home town, settled down at the east coast.