Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is the Champion

This is the Champion. She is the first. The eldest in the family and the biggest of them all. Inilah Kak Long nye. Le ni duk dalam tingkatan 2, SMKA Tok Jiring. Though she was built big, but very shy. It is hard to shoot her photo. Many times. All tak jadi one.

Many says that in this millenium, new generation of children. The X generation, the children that know their handphone and PC better than their father and mother. So, as well in this new global world, emak dengan pak pun kena changing jugok. Tok Leh nak wak macam mother and father dulu-dulu. Many of father and mother now, have to be friend with their children. Kalu dok ggitu, dok tahu mende ape hok children nowadays thinking.

Nak wak camne, gitu doh.... modern tu modern jugak, but dont forget something that more important in a family is children. Anak-anak adalah tanggung jawab !

Dengor tu Long ! So jadilah anak yang solehah, yang dapat mendoakan kedua ibu bapanya apabila mereka telah tiada kelak...... Amin......

Monday, July 16, 2007

Mari Mengaji

Are we busy? Or not. Or not so. Maybe yes. Or Yes absolutely I am busy. What happen to your 24 hours gifted to you. How do you manage the 24 hours given to you. Who give you the 24 hours? Are you busy in your 24 hours until no time to spare for THE ONE who give you the time?

Sorry, please lah.... I am so busy. I have to take care of my children

This is ME

So, this is me. Lot 7711 Batu Jalan Kelantan, Kuala Terengganu. Inside me are live 9 person. Ummi, Abi, Along, Angah, Alang, Kak Cik, Ateh, Abang De (Muaz) & Amir. This is my front view and below is my right side.

My sorrounding is full with green. The green grass, trees and bushes. Green is the colour of Islam and nature. The question is, who are they that live inside me? See the next post